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How do I find EBSCO database?

Last Updated: Jun 08, 2016  |  24 Views

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You can search or browse databases on the library homepage (see “Databases” tab) or on our Databases page. If you search "ebsco" in either place you will retrieve a a long list of databases. This is because:

EBSCO is actually not a database but a provider of many databases, each of which includes different articles and resources. EBSCO databases all use the same interface/web design, so they look the same even though they are searching different collections of information.

These are some examples of EBSCO databases:


Searching more than one EBSCO database at once

 You can also search multiple databases at once. In the screenshot above, you can see a "Choose Databases" link next to the database title. When in an EBSCO database, if you click this link you will pull up a list of all EBSCO databases available to USD students. Click the checkbox next to any additional databases you would like to search. (If you're unfamiliar with a database, scroll over the little yellow comment bubble to see a description.) However, some caveats from UCLA library:

"While searching multiple databases at once can be useful, by definition it's lowest-common denominator searching. None of the advanced search techniques available in individual databases will be available. Some pitfalls to watch out for:

    • Your search results may mix apples and oranges... or, less figuratively, things like articles and dissertations.
    • Subject headings won't be consistent.
    • Databases with full-text searching may be over-represented in your results, simply because they have more words to match on.
    • Relevancy ranking doesn't work well."
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